LED solar lights

With only 6 hours of charge they light up for more than 3 nights

When the environment is dark (less than 30 lux) the lamp automatically turns to weak bright mode

When people reache in the inductive area of 2-6 m. the lamp automatically turns to full bright mode

In a context in which the concepts of saving and environmental sustainability are becoming increasingly important, Outdoor LED Solar Lights represent an innovative and intelligent choice.
The main feature of these lamps is to automatically turn on just at the passing of a person through a PIR Motion Sensor.
They remain on for a while and then turn off automatically, depending on the operating modes that vary from model to model.
The lamp is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries through a solar panel that guarantees an operating autonomy from a minimum of 8 hours to more than 3 days, depending on the models. Charging takes place in 6-7 hours. They are suitable for outdoor use even in rainy conditions thanks to the IP65 protection they are equipped with.
They are particularly useful for illuminating passage areas (eg driveways), access to homes, garages, gardens, balconies, patios … etc … etc … in all areas where solar energy can be maximized by converting it into bright energy.


  • Private: passage area (eg driveway), access to houses, garages, gardens, balconies, courtyard pools … etc. … etc …
    Public: parks, squares, avenues, passage areas, pavilions, buildings, fences, panoramic views, stairs …
  • There are several models, each with a different size and lighting capability, all easily adjustable and usable.

Main features

they charge with sunlight

they guarantee total energy savings: zero cost

they do not provide any cabling: wireless installation

they operate at dusk and automatically turn on with a motion sensor

they have a long life: till 20 years of illumination

they are equipped with rechargeable and easily replaceable lithium batteries

Why buy our lamps?

  1. for their modern and innovative design, “a butterfly" with a V-hollow;
  2. because they emit light not only in the front but also in the back;
  3. because they are protected by more than 13 patents worldwide;
  4. because they are resistant to water, dust, fire;
  5. because they comply with the most stringent directives (CE, RoHS, REACH, PSE);
  6. because they have a very long life;
  7. because our long experience in the field of technology (since 1973) is a guarantee of the quality of our products, along with a constant and long-term focus on our customers.