How to buy our products? How to contact us?

For our LEDs there is a shop section where you can directly purchase the various models.

For the other product categories (THERMAL SENSORS and INSTRUMENTATION) or if you still need further informations you can always contact us at +39 071 7572980 or at our info@foster-electronics.com or fill out the form in the contact section.

How do they work?

LED solar lamps are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries through a solar panel that guarantees an operating autonomy from a minimum of 8 hours to more than 3 days, depending on the models.

Charging takes place in 6-7 hours. The lamps automatically turn on when a person passes through the induction area of about 2-6 meters, thanks to a proximity sensor. They stay on for a while and then turn off automatically, depending on the operating mode that varies according to the model.

What is the IP protection degree?

The standard CEI EN 60529/1997 (ex CEI 70-1) classifies the protection degrees of the enclosures for electrical equipment.

The IP degree is indicated by two characteristic digits plus two additional letters.

The first digit indicates the degree of protection against the penetration of foreign solid bodies, the second digit indicates the degree of protection against the penetration of liquids.

Our lamps have an IP65 (6=total dust protection, 5 protection against water jets), so they are impermeable both to dust and rain.

Do they have a warranty?

Yes, they have a 24-month warranty (12 for the rechargeable battery provided inside).


Why Choose Outdoor Solar Lamps? What do they have more than others?

Outdoor solar LED lamps are an ideal response to the ever-increasing human feelings of saving and environmental sustainability, especially in last years.

Solar LED lamps use solar energy to convert it into electricity, do not require any type of wiring, they install wirelessly and thus guarantee total savings both on installation costs and on energy.

Nocturnal electricity will be generated by solar energy that, by day, will charge the batteries contained in the solar lamps.

They are particularly useful for illuminating passage areas (eg driveways), access to homes, garages, gardens, balconies, patios … etc … etc … in all areas where solar energy can be maximized by converting it into bright energy.

Our solar LED lamps feature a special V-shaped design (butterfly design) that allows lighting not only in the front side but also in the back one, with a backlight that starts from the twilight.

How to install them?

They are very easy to install and they do not require any wiring. Within the boxes where they are packed, there are the screws and the hooks necessary for the installation as well as an artwork with the technical characteristics of the model in question and instructions for a correct and quick installation.

Are our solar LED lamps comply with the legal requirements?

Our LED solar lamps have passed all the tests for obtaining CE, RoHS, REACH, and PSE certifications.

The product is also protected by 13 national and international PATENTS.

Are they safe? Can they be used anywhere?

Our LED lamps can be used anywhere and are actually safer than the alternatives one. They do not absorb current, they do not overheat, they do not break easily (for example, as a result of accidental bumps) and never create glass pieces and do not release hazardous gases such as mercury bulbs or neon tubes. So they are certainly safer and also indicated for children and animals.